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The company "Led Market" was established in 2004 and has grown with the development of new LED lighting technologies. On the Moldovan market we are pioneers in this field with extensive experience in developing and manufacturing LED lighting products. We offer our customers comfort, experience and the possibility to choose high quality light to make them feel happier, safer in their daily activities in public spaces, professional spaces or at home. The wide range of LED products combined with the latest technologies offers the possibility to individually address each request from our customers for different spaces that need to be illuminated:

Home lighting

Lighting for "Home" allows you to create a pleasant ambience with LED lighting fixtures that will accurately reproduce natural lighting, influencing moods and creating the best experience for our customers. The products in this category have a lifetime of over 30,000 hours, contain no heavy metals, and are environmentally friendly. The variety of products in the "Home" category offers the possibility of shaping them in shape, colour and way of fitting to meet the design requirements of customers.

Commercial lighting

Products in this category are highly energy efficient, the light flow is directed directly at the object to be illuminated, reflecting its natural colours to the maximum. Long life, minimal service costs give the product an optimal quality/price ratio.

Industrial lighting

Production areas, warehouses, workshops, assembly areas of the finished product require strong lighting to make work processes more efficient. The long life and robustness of products in this category offers the employer the possibility to organise work processes in several shifts.

Office lighting

Products in this category will create a pleasant working atmosphere for employees and complete analogue or digital control systems will enable the employer to control thousands of light points individually, thus optimising costs and expenses.

Decorative lighting

Decorative/architectural lighting gives "second life" to buildings, historical monuments, bridges, creating memories, giving attractiveness and creativity to the illuminated objects. This makes cities more attractive for various activities, business, entertainment. Connecting to an intelligent management system, the versatility of positioning light sources, ambient lights, will make the play of colours more attractive.

Lighting for plant growth

Products in this category are designed to accelerate plant growth. Now growers of vegetables and vegetables, flowers, seeds, have the possibility to illuminate their growing spaces for the same length of time throughout the year as well as at night, ensuring the photosynthesis process and shortening the growing time of the plants.

Street lighting

To transform the look and feel of cities at night, to enhance the safety of residents/pedestrians, to provide comfort at night for drivers, Led Market has developed street lighting fixtures that can be adjusted according to the environment or space that needs to be illuminated. Thus the street lighting luminaire will be shaped according to the following criteria: height of the pillars on which the luminaire will be mounted, distance between the pillars, width of the roadway and pedestrian side, existence of pedestrian crossings, pedestrian and vehicle flow. Optimal light dispersion will be ensured by optical lenses and the possibility of connecting the street lighting system to a smart system will facilitate remote monitoring and control of the luminaires.

We have qualified staff

To provide professional advice and individual approach to each client. The case study and energy efficiency calculations will be carried out by Led Market specialists within a short time frame. Digitization of LED lighting, implementation of intelligent lighting systems will reduce energy consumption by more than 70%. We also offer services of analysis of the existing lighting system, dismantling of the old lighting system and installation of LED lighting system, all these services will allow our customers to optimize the expenses for changing the classic lighting system to LED one. The warranty period for LED Market products is generous, we also offer maintenance services both during the warranty and post warranty period. Led Market develops dynamically, always in step with new technologies in the field, the finished product presented to the customer is the result of much research combined with innovative production processes. The automation of production processes is our priority in order to offer our customers quality products, competitive both on the Moldovan and international markets.

Led Market has high-performance equipment:

• SMT process ( SMT for Electronic Products with a production capacity allowing the assembly of more than 40 surface mounted components (SMT))

• Dispensing equipment (Liquid dispensing equipment with one or more components to increase the protection factor (IP) of the products)

• Welding and fixture forming equipment

• Electron microscopes with 2000x magnification for rigorous research of LED welding processes as well as research of literal LED crystals.

We require a specific approach and to meet customer requirements we use photometric LED product testing and analysis equipment that allows us to evaluate product yield to meet requirements. At the same time, photometric test equipment allows us to analyse our products, determine their efficiency as well as their durability to meet the needs of our customers.

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